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The OtterCares Foundation

Investing in our future with time, talent and treasure

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Project Heart volunteers speaking to a classroom of children

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Philanthropists Today!

When discovered early, giving becomes a lifelong passion. So with a team of teachers we created Project Heart, our flagship educational program. This innovative program lets 4th - 5th grade students experience the joy of giving firsthand.

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Philanthropy — it’s not just for aristocrats anymore. Sure, it sounds like benefit balls and socialite luncheons, but anyone who gives time, talent or treasure is a philanthropist. And the younger students are when they learn about giving, the more it becomes a lifelong habit.


It’s a mouthful. And it’s the best way we know to grow confidence and build character in our future leaders. In turn, they create jobs, contribute to economic growth and develop innovative products and services that change everyday life for everyone.