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OtterBox protects what matters most — future generations — through the OtterCares Foundation. Using innovative education, OtterCares inspires youth entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Because one inspired kid really can change the world!

Our 2018 G3 Challenge was a HUGE Success!

By Jessica Dieken

One this is for sure about Otter Products employees – they’re generous. One of the Core Values Otter not only instills but also promotes in employees “Giving Back”. At Otter, our culture is built on the idea that, “To whom much is given, much is expected”, and employees are encouraged to use their 3 Ts – time, talent and treasure – to give back in meaningful ways in our communities. In fact, over 87% of Otter Products employees use at least 8 hours of their paid Volunteer Time Off benefit for causes and organizations that they are passionate about!

They’re a generous bunch!

Their generosity is also evident in their commitment to inspiring future entrepreneurs and philanthropists through their donations to our annual employee fundraising event, the G3 Challenge! Each year, we challenge employees to raise money for our Innovation Station Fund, a grant fund available to schools and nonprofits in Northern Colorado and San Diego that provides dollars for the creation of innovative, hands-on spaces where students learn how to be tomorrow’s makers, doers and givers. And every year, Otter employees rise to the occasion.

Not only are Otters incredibly generous, they’re also creative! Employees used their creativity this year to arrange funny and engaging fundraisers for their departments. From a home brew competition to a “kiss the cow” event, Otters found new and fun ways to raise awareness about the G3 Challenge and encourage their team mates to invest in a worthy and important cause.

For our 2018 G3 Challenge, employees and some of our business partners raised over $82,000! The OtterCares Foundation will match every dollar donated which will brings our total to an incredible $164,000 for our Innovation Station Fund!

We are so grateful for the generosity that Otter employees and business partners show each year. We can’t wait to get to the really fun part – giving all of this money away!

Make sure you apply for your very own Innovation Station by September 15.