OtterCares Ambassador Spotlight: Drew H.

SOW 4-1-14_3aWorking in the Operations department of our Boston office, Drew is a valuable asset to the work team and also brings enthusiasm and dedication to the OtterCares Foundation to advance our mission in the Boston area. Read below about what inspires Drew to volunteer and some of his volunteer experiences!

Why did you become an OtterCares Ambassador? I wanted to become an OtterCares Ambassador because I believe if everyone does a little good, our communities and world will be a better place to live in and our lives more fulfilling by helping one another.

Who or what influenced your volunteer work? My volunteer work is influenced by my parents who donate money to multiple organizations and volunteer on a board of directors for a local nonprofit that helps low-income adults and youth get the technical computer skills needed for successful careers. It is also influenced by my own personal ideal that if people help others out, we all progress and make the world a better place.

Drew teaching kidsDescribe a recent volunteer activity you have participated in: My favorite volunteer activity so far has been to volunteer for Junior Achievement and go teach four JA lessons to students at a local middle school.  It was a profound, educational lesson for myself and has definitely added to the respect I have for teachers.  The lessons I taught were all about starting to consider what you want to do with yourself, what possible careers are you interested in, and some very important life lessons like budgeting and how much major living expenses cost.

Why do you think the OtterCares purpose is important? The OtterCares mission is important because just one young mind who is pushed and inspired can become the next great scientist of our time, the next amazing inventor whose inventions makes us feel like we are living in the future, or the next great doctor of this century who finds the cure for a disease.  All of this comes down to championing innovative education that progresses all of our youth forward to help make the world a better place with more individuals who become entrepreneurs and philanthropists who create the lasting and positive impacts in their communities.

JA Business Week 2014- An Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge

What do you get when you challenge 170 high school students to dream up an amazing new OtterBox product?!?!?  Lots of great ideas!

Business Week Tour June2014 015This year, OtterBox and the OtterCares Foundation participated in Junior Achievement’s annual Business Week event. This week-long camp brings high school students from all over Colorado together for a crash course in innovation, entrepreneurship, and business skills. The students participate in interactive workshops and are also given a challenge to work on as a group. This year’s challenge… dream up a brand new OtterBox case for the iPhone 5s that appeals to the teenage market and then create a marketing plan to sell it.

JA Biz Week 1To kick off the week, students heard from representatives from the OtterBox “Global Engineering and Technology Development” department about the OtterBox product design and manufacturing process. This helped ensure that students’ ideas were not only creative, but also manufacturable and profitable. During the week, OtterBox employee volunteers served as “life lines” that the students could email with questions about their project. Each team got only three life lines, so they had to use them carefully! Then on Friday, students presented their ideas in a “Shark Tank” style panel and judges from OtterBox and other Colorado companies scored each team and provided feedback.

Junior Achievement Business Week helps inspire future entrepreneurs by giving students a real business-world opportunity to learn and apply skills that will help them in their future careers. OtterBox and the OtterCares Foundation are proud to support this unique, hands-on program! For more information about Junior Achievement Business Week and how you or a student you know can get involved in future years, visit

2014 Get It, Grow It, Give It Challenge

Change in an OtterBoxFrom March 26 through April 28, OtterBox and Blue Ocean employees will participate in the “Get It, Grow It, Give It Challenge.” The G3 Challenge is a biennial employee fundraising event that was created in 2010 to empower all employees to participate in the work of OtterCares and to support our mission & vision: “Championing innovative education for youth to inspire a movement of young entrepreneurs and philanthropists.” During this project, employees of OtterBox and Blue Ocean each GET a grant credit to allocate to one of the selected nonprofit projects. Once they choose which project to support, they are challenged to GROW that donation through personal fundraising efforts. Then at the end we have a celebration to GIVE the donations raised throughout the campaign.


OtterCares invites you to join our efforts to inspire a movement of young entrepreneurs and philanthropists by making a contribution to one or more of our G3 Challenge projects. CLICK HERE to view this year’s projects and learn about how each organization supports the OtterCares mission.

RESULTS UPDATE: Through online and offline employee fundraising, the 2014 OtterCares G3 Challenge donated a total of $182,607.94 to eleven different nonprofit projects in Northern Colorado, San Diego and Boston. We look forward to sharing stories of how these donations are inspiring future entrepreneurs and philanthropists in our communities.