Otter Products employees help San Diego students start the new school year off right

IMG_5570Employees at Otter Products are pretty awesome. They’re incredibly smart, hardworking, dedicated and passionate people who put they’re all into whatever task or project they are working on. Not only are Otters impressively industrious, they’re also incredibly caring individuals with big hearts and a commitment to helping make our communities better places. Otter employees use their volunteer time in a variety of ways to help community schools and nonprofits. Whether it is helping at an animal sanctuary or mentoring students, giving back is an important characteristic of Otter Products employees.

Otters in all of our office are committed to giving back. Recently, a group of employees at the Otter Products office in San Diego put their passion and dedication towards helping students start their school year off right by packing backpacks with school supplies. Over 20 Otter employees volunteered to fill 50 backpacks with basic schools supplies, such as pencils, erasers and notebooks, all donated by OtterCares. These backpacks were then delivered to students in the SAY San Diego after school program at Ibarra Elementary.

Eight Otter employees volunteered to help deliver the backpacks and engaged in activities with the students to foster entrepreneurial/innovative thinking as well as the philanthropic spirit. To help make the delivery even more exciting, Ollie the Otter was there to interact with the students and make the event extremely special.

OtterCares would like to thank all of the Otter employee volunteers who helped make the school year better for these students!

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2015 Pack2School – it’s about more than just school supplies

Pack2School_2The beginning of a new school year is always exciting, regardless of what grade you’re in. New clothes, new classes and new friends all help to make the prospect of a new school season an exciting adventure. But for some kids, the new school year can be a time of worrying and frustration. Some families facing financial hardships struggle to provide their children basic school supplies and worry how they can get their kids ready to start the new school year. OtterCares understands that kids need the right tools to be successful and we are committed to helping take some of the stress off of parents concerned about affording school supplies for the children. Through our Pack2School program, we help parents and students prepare for a great school year.

1OtterCares’ annual Pack2School program provides school supplies and backpacks to students in need, grades K-12, in the Poudre School District. This one-day event provides opportunities for these students and their families to “shop” for school supplies that we provide at no cost to them as well as participate in fun learning activities that engages and encourages kids to create, learn and explore. This event also provides an opportunity for hundreds of our employees to engage in a community volunteer activity where they experience the joy of giving.

7This year’s Pack2School theme was, “You can change the world!”. OtterCares believes that one young and inspired mind change the world. We champion new and interactive learning opportunities that inspire students to learn that they are capable of anything, helping to breaking down limitations and teaching kids that they CAN. Pack2School is one opportunity for OtterCares and employee volunteers to inspire students before the school year starts, giving them the support and encouragement they need to start the school year off right.

3Nearly 1,800 qualified students from the Poudre School District participated in this year’s Pack2School event. Students picked out their supplies and participated in fun activities the helped them learn more about being an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Students had the chance to play with robots, learn about fun activities they could be a part of such as the Young Entrepreneur Tournament and Pretty Brainy and played interactive learning games designed to help students use critical thinking and creation skills. Over 270 Otter Products volunteers contributed more than 900 hours managing registration, helping students pick out their supplies, working with kids in setting personal goals and talking to them about the new school year.

One Otter Products volunteer, Jimmy, shared his experience with one of the students, saying, “I had a super fun experience with a 1st grade girl. We got her backpack, she smiled the whole time [while] we put all of her supplies in her pack. We had a lot of fun getting her ready for school in that five minute time period it took to get her stuff. After that I told her good luck and have a great school year. She walked over to me, hugged my leg and said ‘This was the best first day of school ever!’. I about lost it!”.

6The 2015 Pack2School event was a huge success! Thank you to all of the volunteers, programs and supporters who helped make this event possible.

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2014 Family Volunteer Day

IMG_1898aJust because school is out in the summer time doesn’t mean Otter Kids don’t stay busy giving back to the community! This summer, more than 40 Otters and Otter Kids participated in our Family Volunteer Day! Here at the OtterCares Foundation, we don’t just believe in talking about teaching philanthropy. We put our thoughts and beliefs into action by encouraging employees to bring their kids along to volunteer!

IMG_1850aOur hardworking volunteers planted over 3,000 plant plugs at Springer Natural Area in Fort Collins to help restore an area previously disrupted by construction. Everyone had fun getting their hands dirty and learning about the importance of volunteer work to keeping these natural areas beautiful for generations to come!

By encouraging families to volunteer together, the OtterCares Foundation is helping to inspire the next generation of philanthropists. We encourage those of you with little ones at home to get out and volunteer. Create a habit of giving back that will last a lifetime!

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