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OtterBox protects what matters most — future generations — through the OtterCares Foundation. Using innovative education, OtterCares inspires youth entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Because one inspired kid really can change the world!

Meet our new Executive Director, Linda Crum!

By Jessica Dieken

We are excited to introduce our newest OtterCares employee, Linda Crum! Linda joins the OtterCares Foundation with a drive to create change in our communities. She was previously the Executive Director for the Poudre School District Foundation and has a passion for helping kids reach their potential through education.

I am truly honored to work for OtterCares and further the mission and brand.  I am thrilled to work in a culture that puts others first and finds ways to make a positive difference in the world both corporately and individually.  As a community member and non-profit leader I experienced how skilled volunteering from Otter employees could facilitate change and advance the mission and impact significantly of our organization in a year.  In addition, I have heard firsthand the stories of kids in Poudre School District that have been changed because of an Otter employee gave of their time, their superpowers or even shared their own story to inspire a dream for the future or ignited a learning experience in a classroom.

Welcome to the team, Linda!