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OtterBox protects what matters most — future generations — through the OtterCares Foundation. Using innovative education, OtterCares inspires youth entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Because one inspired kid really can change the world!


Please fill out the information below if you are interested in applying for an Impact Fund or Inspiration Fund grant. We will review your submission to determine its fit with our current funding priorities and be in touch via email within 10 business days.


Impact and Inspiration Fund Pre-Application

  • Please provide the best contact phone number for us to reach you. By providing your phone number, you agree to let us call you at this number to discuss your grant needs.
  • Please provide the best email for us to reach you. By providing your email address, you agree to let us email you at this email address to discuss your grant needs.
  • (In order to be eligible to receive a grant from OtterCares, your organization must be a federally recognized 501c3 public charity. NOTE: Public schools do qualify and typically fall under the school district’s EIN).
  • (OtterCares primarily funds programs for students in the K-12 grade/age range)
  • (Our grant application deadlines are June 15 and November 15 with grants paid out within approximately 45 days of each deadline. We prefer to fund programs that start after grant deadlines and payouts)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.