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Making an Impact

”One thing that I am walking away with from Project Heart is knowing that I helped someone and knowing that I impacted their life.“
- 5th Grade Student, Cache La Poudre Elementary

”This was a great opportunity for our kids to learn more about paying it forward. “
- 4th/5th Grade Teacher, Rivendell School

”Project Heart was well organized, very easy to use and we could modify it to meet our needs. It’s worth your time and effort.“
- 5th Grade Teacher, Cache La Poudre Elementary

”"Many parents, community members, and colleagues were impressed that we were helping kids develop the habit of using their time, talent, or fundraising skills to give back to others. Kids innately want to help others, and this project was an easy and useful way to tap into this desire." “
- 4/5th grade teacher at Cache la Poudre Elementary School

”“I saw [my students] realize there are needs outside of their own and that they can do something to help meet those needs.” “
- 4/5th grade teacher at Cottonwood Plains Elementary School

”Do it! [Project Heart] is a great service learning program. It is well packaged and very easy to teach. Your classroom culture will change for the better! “
- 4/5th grade teacher at Red Feather Lakes Elementary

”I have had a few teachers comment on how respectful my students are to teachers and each other, and how they are always willing to help each other. I'm sure that is partly because of all the emphasis we put on community service and our school as our community.“
- 5th grade teacher at Salida del Sol Academy

”If I were talking to another teacher about Project Heart, I would tell them that they definitely have the time in their day to do it. It doesn’t take that long to do and the results are amazing; that what you get out is way more than what you put in which is a perfect example of philanthropy!“
- 4th grade teacher at Shepardson Elementary

”Having Project Heart…connects you with the students on a deeper level and you all understand that you’re working together to make the world a better place.“
- 4th grade teacher at Shepardson Elementary


Project Heart is our innovative educational curriculum that provides 4th / 5th grade students, middle school students, high school students, and teachers with the opportunity to learn and experience philanthropy.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, this effective and engaging philanthropic program was written with these principles in mind:

Aligned with the Common Core State Standards

Follows an Understanding by Design (UbD) format 

Perfect integration into PBL problems and projects

Students learn at a deeper level of understanding 

Students are provided with authentic opportunities to express their learning 

The development of the curriculum is designed with the goals and demonstrations of knowledge in place before the specific activities within the lessons 

Students and teachers work collaboratively, sharing and reviewing work during the process

This resource, valued at over $500, is available at no cost to teachers everywhere. Our only ask is that teachers and educators who use the materials provide us with feedback so that we can continue to enhance and grow the curriculum, allowing us to impact even more teachers, students and communities everywhere.


Join a growing movement of educators who recognize that when the young people in their classrooms are empowered to think philanthropically, they can create lasting and impactful change in the world around them.

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